Reusable Coffee Cups: The Staunch Greco Sustainability Plan For Project Site Coffee

Reusable Coffee Cups: The Staunch Greco Sustainability Plan For Project Site Coffee

On our previous blog regarding our staunch environmental and sustainability plan we discussed petrol saving as a conservation policy. You can read this article by clicking here.

Today we examine a very important aspect of environmental protection that you might not think of right away: Reusable Coffee Cups !

Nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning! It’s an absolute staple. It wakes us up, gets our motors going and gives us an extra spring in our step. A minority of us might prefer a cup of hot tea in the morning that gives us a similar effect to coffee. Regardless of whether your chosen daily hot beverage is coffee or tea or both, hot beverages are constantly being consumed on residential and commercial painting project sites.

Our team often notices that almost always the workers are drinking coffee or tea from disposable cups! Granted, many haven’t given any thought to paper cups, but they are a major problem in regard to our environment. It’s the easy thing to do. Turn up to your preferred coffee place, purchase the drink via a takeaway system. Drink the coffee then throw the disposable cup away.

paper coffee cups

It is estimated that 2.7 million disposable coffee cups are thrown out every day. This equates to around 1 billion disposable cups thrown out every year!

The following should be considered next time you purchase that take away coffee or tea in a paper cup:

  • Standard disposable cups cannot be recycled via the standard paper recycling process due to the plastic liner in their design.
  • Disposable paper cups end up in landfill due to the inability of them being recycled.landfill paper cofee cups
  • Residual fluorescent substances in the paper cups can enter the human body which is hazardous to our health.
  • Millions of trees are cut down per year in order to produce the annual number of disposable paper cups consumed.
  • Plastic lids of disposable coffee cups are also problematic. They are mostly not accepted by recycling centres due to the higher costs associated with dealing with them, so they also end up in landfill.

Considering all of the above and our staunch commitment to our environment and a sustainability plan it seemed like a no brainer that it would be Staunch Greco Company policy to only permit reusable coffee cups onto our project sites!

Upon induction every staff member is presented with their own uniquely coloured reusable coffee cup. This is the simplest way to combat the above problem described. Just a little bit of effort for our environment goes a long way. Whenever its time to a coffee or tea run for the team, we simply hit up the nearest café with our reusable coffee cups and enjoy our drinks!

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