Commercial Wallpaper Installation Melbourne: Retail Jewellery

Commercial Wallpaper Installation Melbourne: Retail Jewellery

It’s no secret that Staunch Greco Industries loves not only painting projects but decorating projects too. Hence, we are always super pumped when we get an opportunity to do wallpaper installation. We offer the Melbourne market both commercial wallpaper installation and residential wallpaper installation. You could imagine our excitement when we got the opportunity to do a commercial wallpaper installation in our beautiful city of Melbourne! Our staunch mission: a commercial wallpaper installation in a boutique jewellery store on Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD.

Wallpaper tends to be cyclical in terms of popularity. Thanks to the boost it gets from interior designers and home renovation television shows we are currently seeing a significant interest in wallpaper usage. However, it does have a stigmatic past that still lingers. The negative perceptions of wallpaper include poor quality paper stuck on walls with toxic/environmentally unfriendly adhesives, and banal design and styling, and great difficulty in removing it from walls.

The reality is wallpaper has come a long way and there are a multitude of benefits from using it that a residential or a commercial wallpaper installation project can take advantage of. There are countless options of colours, styles, and textures. Wallpaper features a variety of on trend patterns and finishing’s that cannot be achieved with paint. Wallpaper itself is far better quality these days. It has eco-friendly components including being made from 100% recycled paper and is far easier to remove from walls. This is both due to the quality of the wallpaper itself and the adhesives used today.

Our commercial client for this project was Eostre Jewellery, you can view their website by clicking here. Eostre sell a beautiful range of jewellery including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. A boutique jewellery store like Eostre requires a certain colour and style in their wallpaper selection in order to complement their brand and business. They chose a beautiful shade of vintage off black, with distinct undertones of grey and brown. This wise choice certainly helped in creating a classical, bold and sophisticated styling and atmosphere.

The wallpaper used had awesome eco-friendly benefits including:

CO2 Neutral
Made from 100% Recycled Paper
Phthalate Free

In addition, we use a plant-based adhesive to install wallpaper, which is eco-friendly and brilliant for indoor air quality, with very LOW VOCs.

Our staff began by inspecting the wallpaper and confirming the pattern matching. They carefully cut the wallpaper according to the measured dimensions of the wall. Adhesive is applied to the walls, and the wallpaper is carefully hung ensuring accuracy and whatever pattern match requirements necessary. We work in sections to ensure efficiency.

commercial wallpaper installation melbourne staunch greco industries

As you can see from the images below, it is not an easy thing to install. It takes staunch skill and knowledge. Utmost concentration and precision to get it right. Our team worked diligently and patiently to get it perfect.

commercial wallpaper installation staunch greco industries commercial wallpaper installation staunch greco industries

Below is the result! How beautiful it looks! We are very proud. What makes it even better is to see our clients so happy with our work. The feedback was highly complementary. Another project win for Team Staunch Greco!

commercial wallpaper installation melbourne staunch greco industries retail commercial wallpaper isntallation melbourne staunch greco industries

Considering residential or commercial wallpaper installation for your place of residence or business? The Staunch Greco team can help! Contact us on 1300 782 862 or to organize your free staunch no-obligation wallpaper quote.