Brown Paint Colours: More Staunch Options and Recommendations

Brown Paint Colours: More Staunch Options and Recommendations

On today’s blog on paint colours we continue exploring brown paint colours, how they can make you feel and how they can be used. To read part 1 of the exploration of brown paint colours, click here.

Our exploration of brown paint colours continues by featuring an additional five hues that we love.

If you want to go for a rich and sumptuous dark brown, Barista could be your hue! Barista contains a slight violet undertone! Wherever you apply Barista, you will add shades of sophistication and rich depth. It works well with beiges, creams, and peach shades.  Mahogany chesterfield furniture also pair up well with. Barista can also become rustic and homely if you pair it up with wooden furniture.
brown paint colours brown paint colours

Grandfather Clock Brown:
When we think of grandfather clocks we think of antiques, historical homes with character, and a bygone era of classic charm. What a brilliant name for a brown paint hue! By using Grandfather Clock Brown you will evoke old world charm and history. It’s a warm brown that enables a sense of timelessness and warmth in any space. Ideal for a library, living room, or conservatory.
brown paint colours brown paint colours

Silhouette is a beguiling hybrid cross between charcoal grey and chocolate brown. It possesses a red undertone and is of those rare hues that creates a distinct sultry mood and vibe. It is also a shade that is rather popular in both the residential and commercial sector. It suits residential spaces that want to make an elegant yet sensual statement, combining a debonair dignity and a bite of modern edginess depending on what the rest of your interior design scheme is.
For commercial spaces, the same effect applies which means it will work well in a space that is going for a suitable thematic structure. Certain retail and hospitality spaces will revel in such a colour.
brown paint colours     brown paint colours

Café Au Lait:
If you are looking for a warming creamy coffee brown with a vibrant French ambiance, consider Café Au Lait. Its rich and delicious and provides a sense of depth and comfort to a space. Ideal for historical apartments, regional homes and as accent features in hospitality and private offices. It works brilliantly used in entire kitchens, or for cabinetry.
brown paint colours

North Creek Brown:
This fascinating shade is known as a brownish black, with a significant grey undertone. When one examines this colour, it becomes reminiscent of rich wet soil. It evokes the image of creek surrounded by brown and green forestry and flora/fauna. If you are looking for an earthy and organic vibe in your space this could definitely be the one! It works brilliantly on brickwork and exterior walls, as well as interior spaces such as bedrooms, accent features in living spaces and loft apartments.

brown paint colours brown paint colours

Choosing the right brown paint colours for your residential or commercial property can be a challenge, but we are here to help you with that! Hit up the Staunch Greco team to organize your colour and style consultation quote.  Contact us on 1300 782 862 or the contact us form on our website