Shades of Blue Paint: Staunch Greco Will Help You Find the Ideal Blue!

Shades of Blue Paint: Staunch Greco Will Help You Find the Ideal Blue!

On our previous blog we gave an introduction into our exploration of blue paint colours as well as some of the benefits of using shades of blue paint in your residential or commercial project. To read this article please click here

Today we will examine a range of different shades of blue paint that could provide you with inspiration.

Newburyport Blue:
Feature walls look striking and timeless with this blue hue. Newburyport Blue has a distinct classic navy tone and vibe to it. It conjures up feelings of nautical adventures and seaside living. Exuding a warm grey undertone, it is great for kitchens especially kitchen islands and cabinetry. It can make a great statement piece as a feature in a living area too. Light whites and greys go well as a contrast.
shades of blue paint shades of blue paint

Old Pickup Blue:
This shade of blue has both the ability to look fresh and modern as well as retro and nostalgic depending on what you contrast it with, and what type of furnishings you utilize. It can work in a coastal or urban/metro space. It has the ability to brighten up a room and bring about a positive energy. You can tone it up or down depending on what contrasting colours you choose.
shades of blue paint shades of blue paint

Schooner is ideal for coastal homes and holiday houses. It gives off a cooling energy, yet it contains a great deal of depth to it. Its rich, with a distinct green undertone. It also works well in a commercial space for the same reasons.
Using Schooner entirely in an office space or retail/hospitality environment will bring about a soothing yet productive energy. It’s both comforting and commanding.
Works brilliantly with creams and beiges. Natural materials such as wood and stonework well with it.
shades of blue paint   shdaes of blue paint

Palladian Blue:
When it comes to shades of blue paint, one of the most popular globally is Palladian Blue. Its pale blue with mother of pearl. You can make it fun and retro/pop art if you use it alongside shades of pink and peach. Alternatively, it can exude a sleek and soothing elegance if you match it up with whites, beiges or greys.
It can also brighten up the front of a residential or commercial building by painting the front door with it. Definitely a statement piece!”
shades of blue paint shades of blue paint

Hale Navy:
When it comes to staunch shades of blue paint, you can’t go past Hale Navy. There is certainly something striking and commanding about it. It also has quite the regal vibe running through it. Its classically inky and makes a bold statement wherever it goes. If you are looking for a strong traditional blue colour that will never go out of style or let you down, this could be a winner for you!
shades of blue paint  shades of blue paint

Choosing the right shades of blue paints for your residential or commercial property can be a challenge, but we are here to help you with that! Hit up the Staunch Greco team to organize your colour and style consultation quote.  Contact us on 1300 782 862 or the contact us form on our website