Petrol Saving in the Workplace: Staunch Greco Industries Has A Conservation Plan


On our pervious blog we began discussing our conservation of resources policies and procedures. Part 1 explored the conservation of energy in the workplace. You can read this article by clicking here.

Today we examine Part 2 of our conservation of resources, which forms a part of our overall environmental and sustainability plan: Petrol saving in the workplace.

The majority of petrol used in Australia comes from Asia (Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia). We also have petrol imported from the US, the continent of Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Both petrol and diesel come from crude oil which comes from deep underground. It’s obtained by oil companies via an excavation process and refined in order to make petrol and diesel for our cars and various motor vehicles.

petrol saving in the workplace

You might ask why is petrol saving in the workplace so important? Petroleum, just like coal and natural gas is a fossil fuel. Whether we like it or not, petroleum like other fossil fuels, are used to make important products for our everyday lives. However, when petroleum is burnt for energy usage it releases significant levels of toxic gases and carbon dioxide. These elements are extremely harmful to the environment and affect our world’s climate negatively.

In addition, the process of drilling for gas and oil itself can be multiple level hazardous process. Oil and gas companies drilling and excavating for these resources nonstop day and night contribute to general pollution, provoke climate change, damage land and disrupt and effect wildlife.

petrol saving in the workplace

There are also the arguments that outline benefits which include providing key infrastructure for regional communities (health, education, roads, electricity), assists in paving way for new habitats. There’s also the argument of it boosting employment and the economy, as well as providing energy independence for nations.

The Staunch Greco team discussed all of the above pointers when strategizing our company plans. We understand that the use of petrol is a necessity to run our business but putting a simple yet effective petrol saving in the workplace policy ensure we do our best to minimize impact that this resource makes.

Car Pooling:

We are lucky enough to have certain staff members who live quite close to each other in inner city Melbourne. Therefore, we have a carpooling system where workers all travel together in one vehicle to and from the work site. Therefore, saving on petrol usage.

saving petrol in the workplace

In- Vehicle Activity:

  • Managing and reducing excessive idling in vehicles.
  • Ensuring unnecessary speeding does not occur when driving vehicles.
  • Using GPS navigation to ensure we are arriving at definitions in the most time efficient way.

Software For Communication:

It’s always great to see your colleagues and face to face meetings are often very necessary. However, we examine what meetings we can do remotely instead of having to use vehicles to transport ourselves to physical meetings. It’s a practical balance, however there are certain staff meetings we hold over Teams and Zoom, hence saving petrol in the workplace.

petrol saving in the workplace

Objective for the Long-Term Future: Electric Vehicles:One of our long-term saving petrol in the workplace objectives to be able to switch to electric vehicles, whenever it is available and practical to us.
Electric cars are better for the environment and emit far less pollutants into our air and greenhouse gases. This includes their production and ongoing maintenance.

saving petrol in the workplace

If you have any questions about our energy saving in the workplace, please contact us on 1300 782 862 or via the contact form on our website.

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