Energy Saving in the Workplace: Staunch Greco Industries Has It Sorted!

Energy Saving in the Workplace: Staunch Greco Industries Has It Sorted!

Our previous environment and sustainability blog covered our plan regarding unwanted paints and liquids. We looked at how we handle such liquids and materials in order to form the best eco-friendly and sustainable practices. You can read that article by clicking here.

Today we begin exploring our general conservation policies in regards to resources. Part 1 examines energy saving in the workplace. Energy saving in the workplace is crucial to a sustainability and eco-friendly policy, yet it is something that is often overlooked or easily forgotten.

We could get into a discussion about how saving energy in the workplace is a cost effective plan. Certainly, that is an undeniable reality but the Staunch Greco team has a firm and prime objective of how to use energy wisely from a sustainability perspective.

The below pointers are part of our conservation of resources regarding energy in our workplace:

The Usage of Natural Light:

Where possible, use natural lighting. In spaces where we get adequate natural lighting, make use of that. Ensure artifical lighting is switched off where it can be substituted.

energy saving in the workplacw

Energy Efficient Light:
In all our office spaces we make use of energy efficient light bulbs via LED lighting. They consume far less power, has a lower heat output and have a greater life span. We also recommend LED lighting in factory spaces too.

energy saving in the workplace

Fluorescent lighting in our office and factory spaces has no place. Though people can get used to this type of lighting, there is considerable scientific research that explores how it negatively affects people. It may increase UV-related eye diseases significantly and cause numerable cases of cataracts and pterygia. Florescent tubes contain small amounts of mercury gas which is toxic to human systems, however as long as they stay intact there is no danger. Nonetheless, proper care should be taken when handling them.
Fluorescent lights also can cause lethargy, headaches, and feelings of general un-wellness in people.

IT Technology:
Since desktop computers consume higher amounts of energy, management and staff at Staunch Greco Industries have opted to use lap tops and iPads to do their daily business. They consume far less energy that desktops.
energy saving in the workplace


We do our best to use energy saving features such as green light switch systems to conserve as much energy as possible.

We strive to purchase work equipment with energy saving features, especially when it comes to appliances.
We also ensure that when are not using equipment we turn the appliances off at the switch. This is something that can easily be overlooked but we ensure that staff are reminded of how such a simple flick of the switch can save energy in the workplace.

energy saving in the workplace

If you have any questions about our energy saving in the workplace place please contact us on 1300 782 862 or via the contact form on our website.
Our staunch no obligation quotes for residential and commercial painting and decorating include best eco-friendly and sustainable practices.