Green Paint: Choosing The Right Green For Your Residential or Commercial Project


Staunch Greco Industries will run a series of blog posts covering a range of different colours, how those colours can make you feel and how they can be used effectively in a space. We run a staunch colour and style consultation service. Please click here in order to organize this service for your residential or commercial project.

You might not think it, but Green paint was named paint colour of the year by a panel of 400 designers via a survey run by Sherwin-Williams. They saw it as the most on-trend colour of the year. We certainly won’t argue with that result !

Green paint is definitely a favourite hue of ours. We tend to notice people being quite receptive to shades of green paint for exterior projects. We love this! Green is symbolic of our Staunch Greco Industries’ ethos of connection and concern with nature and eco-friendly practises. We would love to see more clients utilizing green paint in their exteriors. There are so many suitable hues for both interiors and exteriors in residential and commercial projects!

We will cover green paints over the next month, selecting a wide variety of green hues to show you.

Some Benefits of using Green in Residential and Commercial Projects:

  • Green is symbolic of nature and natural growth, which leads to a vibe of renewal and rebirth. It’s relaxing, tranquil and refreshing.
    green paint
  • Almost any space can be painted green if you select the right tone. Lighter greens are great in bedrooms and living spaces whilst darker greens are very well suited to dining rooms, kitchens, and commercial office spaces. All shades are brilliant for exterior works.
    green paint
  • Rooms and spaces that are subject to bright daylight can be enhanced by light shades of Green such as Mint Greens. These shades also work well in any type of climate.


  • Pale and muted greens such as Celadon can be classified as neutral tones. They often have grey or brown undertones. These Green hues are perfect for visually expanding small spaces.
    green paint
  • Green is a great colour to add into a residential or commercial kitchen ! For example , kitchen cabinets in muted forest greens are a great pair up with modern brass and marble kitchen finishes. This will help incorporate a freshness to spaces where meal preparation is common.
    green paint
  • Green hues can provide a fantastic retro vibe in your residential or commercial space. For example, avocado is simply superb with mid century furnishings. Using shades like avocado or webster green in commercial offices or homes will create a bold throwback to 1960s cultures and trends.


  • Indoor plants work extremely well with green paint. Matching indoor plants with green paint in your residential or commercial space creates a sense of harmony and is a nod to nature. You can have a lot of fun matching varying shades of indoor plants with your green walls.

Are you considering green paint for your commercial or residential property? Look no further than us! We can help you out with a staunch no obligation quote and a colour and style consultation. Contact us on 1300 782 862 or via the contact us form on our website.