Sustainable Roof Painting Melbourne: The Eco-Friendly Solution

Sustainable Roof Painting Melbourne: The Eco-Friendly Solution

Staunch Greco Industries is known as the eco-friendly specialists. Our processes are practises centre around sustainability. This is achieved via the products we recommend, the tools and materials that we use, the way in which we conduct our service offerings and our conservation of resources program.

Sustainable roof painting Melbourne for residential and commercial projects is one of the many services we offer our clients. The interest in sustainability is a growth sector, with many people and organizations around the world opting for products and services that are far better for the heath and wellbeing of each other and our environment.

known and discussed. We get many requests from clients for these types of paints for interior works. However, the options of eco-friendly paints and results that come extend beyond interior paint.

Sustainable roof painting Melbourne is growing in interest and uptake, with clients looking at how exterior paint renovations can be of eco benefit.

Roof painting enhances the beauty and aesthetics of a property making it look fresher and more attractive. It assists in averting dirt and mildew from being stuck on the roof. It can also increase the longevity of the roof , making it equipped to handle the various climates of the seasons.

Sustainable roof painting Melbourne can be achieved whether you have a ceramic tile or metal roof. There is a very special product we recommend that can be used on either: Wallmaster Paints by Astec.

Wallmaster Astec Paints are ideal for Sustainable roof painting Melbourne. They were founded in Australia in 1978 and continues to be 100% owned, operated and manufactured. Their products are Code Mark and Good Environmental Choice Certified.

Energy Star for sustainable roof painting Melbourne is a heat reflective coating. It reflects 50% of the suns’s heat /energy via a process of infrared reflection. The product reduces absorbed heat, no matter what colour your chose. This coating equates to a reduction in smog, CO2 emissions and cools the house down, which means you are you using far less conventional modes of cooling ie electricity, which is far better for our environment.

One of our latest Sustainable Roof painting Melbourne projects was at a heritage home in Prahran. Our clients chose the colour slate grey in  a matt finish, which is ideal for roofs. As you can see below, it was time for the roof to have a painting upgrade, and what better way than to make it sustainable!


roof painting melbourne staunch greco industries staunch greco industries melbourne sustainable roof painting staunch greco industries painting melbourne roof painting sustainable


Our first step is to give the roof a good deep clean. Once cleaning is finished, we apply a procedure of fixing any rust that might be present on the roof using a restraint encapsulant system.

staunch greco industries melbourne roof painting sustainable staunch greco industries sustainable roof painting melbourne

staunch greco industries melbourne painting roof

Once this is done, we apply an undercoat and two top coats of the product and it is done. What brilliant visual and sustainable results ! Sustainable roof painting is definitely something to consider for your home or commercial business.


Prahran Sustainable Roof Painting- Metal Roof 2

Sustainable roof painting staunch greco industries melbourne wallmaster astec

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