Wallpaper Installers Melbourne: A Staunch Jungle Installation!

Wallpaper Installers Melbourne: A Staunch Jungle Installation!

The Staunch Greco team pride themselves as being staunch Wallpaper Installers. It is one of our most favourite services to offer. Unfortunately, the old-fashioned stigma of wallpaper still lingers to a degree: dorky, poor quality, generally horrible designs and very hard to remove from walls. We always love to counter this belief with the very latest in wallpaper technology and offering. Our wallpaper installers have plenty of installation experience and have completed wallpaper courses with the National Painting Institute of Australia.

Wallpaper has come a long way over the past decades and is currently in a period of great interest. There are so many designs and styles that can be captured with wallpaper that cannot be achieved with paint. In addition, the wallpaper we recommend is always high quality and has many eco-friendly benefits including:

  • Made from 100% Recycled Paper
  • Low to Zero VOCS
  • Phthalate Free
  • CO2 Neutral
  • Plant based adhesives are also available to wallpaper installers.


One of the builders we work with referred our company to their client who was looking to do wallpaper in the powder room of their new residential build in Beaumaris. They were looking for A grade wallpaper installers to hang Catherine La Palma wallpaper. The pattern coral was chosen. An absolutely striking jungle design with a distinct retro feel. It is reminiscent of the wallpaper you would see in Californian nightclubs and bars in the 1950s.

Powder Rooms are also very retro, and also making a big comeback in bathrooms and powder rooms. Wallpaper installers like us will always suggest wallpaper for the majority of wall space in powder rooms, as well as feature pieces in bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Below are images of the powder room prior to the installation. We love the antique green tiles that our clients chose. What a perfect combination of tiles and themed wallpaper! We knew it was going to look brilliant and a stand out feature room of this beautiful property.

powder room wallpaper melbourne staunch greco industries powder room design melbourne wallpaper installation staunch greco industries

Any wall preparation that needs to be done will be the first task. In this case there was some wall preparation required where the tiles met the wall.

Our team begins by marking up the walls according to the pattern match requirements.  We take the time to apply the adhesive in sections. Staunch Project Manager Samuel can be seen below preparing the wall with the adhesive needed.

wallpaper installation preparation staunch greco industries

Once adhesive is applied , the team begins installing the wallpaper, carefully rolling the paper out to fit the wall space and cutting in all the necessary places. The aim is to ensure the wallpaper sheets are completely aligned, matching the pattern to create a flow on visual. Each section must be smoothed out to ensure 100% adhesion and no bubbling.

catherine lapalma coral wallpaper installation melbourne staunch greco industries catherine la palma coral wallpaper installation staunch greco industries melbourne wallpaper installation wallpaper hanging

Bit by bit it all comes together until the final piece is hung and the final amazing results are ready for viewing. See the images below !

catherine la palma coral wallpaper staunch greco industries wallpaper installers melbourne 1 catherine la palma wallpaper coral staunch greco industries wallpaper installers melbourne 2


Oue clients were so happy with their new jungle powder room. It certainly will make a lasting impression on all those who visit!

Looking for Melbourne Wallpaper Installers? Need advice on styles and installation? Hit up the Staunch Wallpaper experts at Staunch Greco Industries on 1300 782 862 or via the contact us section of our website