Shades of Brown Paint: Your Ideal Shade and Vibe!

Shades of Brown Paint: Your Ideal Shade and Vibe!

On our previous blog we gave an introduction into our exploration of blue paint colours as well as some of the benefits of using shades of brown paint in your residential or commercial project. To read this article please click here

Today we will examine a range of different shades of brown paint that could provide you with inspiration.

Tanner Brown:
Tanner brown is one of our all-time favourite colours that is absolutely timeless and has versatility. A signature earthy shade of brown, it looks almost black in lower degrees of lighting. It can appear lighter and softer depending on how you match it up with contrasting colours and furnishings. It can be bold and striking or it can feel warm and homely. It works brilliantly in historical heritage homes, loft apartments, and rustic style restaurants and bars.
shades of brown paint    shades of brown paint

Ceylon Tea:
This shade of brown is a warming and welcoming brown. It has a red undertone to it. It pairs up beautifully with antique style shades of white paint. Therefore, you can use it as accent feature in combination of white or even a shade of beige. Its warmth makes it an ideal shade for bedrooms, and as a feature wall in living rooms. It’s also brilliant for exterior walls, providing that warmth and welcoming vibe from the moment one views the home.
shades of brown paint   shades of brown paint

This brown has the ability to look historical, chic, and sophisticated depending on how you contrast it. It has a beautiful subtle undertone of very light orange running through it. It’s also got that yumminess to it, which makes it very suitable for residential and commercial dining spaces.  Its warmth also makes it suitable for office spaces, bedrooms and sitting/living areas. Pairing it up with wooden furniture and antiques will incite its historical and classical appeal. Utilizing it with modern furnishings will bring out its chic sleekness.
shades of brown paint    shades of brown paint

Bittersweet Chocolate:
Another brown hue that has a yummy appeal to is bittersweet chocolate, reminiscent of a global favourite sweet snack. But beyond chocolate itself, this hue has a nourishing vibe to it that makes one appreciate beautiful meals served. Hence, why this shade also works brilliantly in commercial and residential dining spaces.
It has undertones of khaki and grey. Apart from dining spaces, it works well as a feature in corridor or living area, bringing boldness and warmth.  It’s equally striking featured on exterior walls.

shades of brown paint    shades of brown paint

Mink brown works well with creams, beiges, whites and blue greys. If you want to go for a combination of dramatic effect with a sophisticated edge, Mink will allow you to make that impact. Sometimes less is more, therefore Mink works brilliantly as a feature piece combined with other colours. Whites and beiges tend to tone down its dramatic effect, whilst blue greys amplify its sophistication whilst also lowering its theatrical impact.
shades of brown paint   shades of brown paint

Choosing the right shades of brown paints for your residential or commercial property can be a challenge, but we are here to help you with that! Hit up the Staunch Greco team to organize your colour and style consultation quote.  Contact us on 1300 782 862 or the contact us form on our website