Brown Paint: Choosing The Right Brown For Your Residential or Commercial Project

Brown Paint: Choosing The Right Brown For Your Residential or Commercial Project

Staunch Greco Industries will run a series of blog posts covering a range of different colours, how those colours can make you feel and how they can be used effectively in a space. We run a staunch colour and style consultation service. Please click here in order to organize this service for your residential or commercial project.

Brown paint in residential and commercial projects is an honest rarity, especially in Australia. It is very rare that we come across brown paint being specified or selected, and we honestly feel this is a pity. Upon first thought, brown paint might seem like an odd or bad choice but by giving it some thought and looking through the various options people may change their minds!

Brown paint is something we would like to see more people using in their residential and commercial projects wherever possible based on the requirements and desires of the client. Often, we recommend it as an accent feature in certain spaces. However, depending on what kind of mood and style you wish to create in your space or spaces in your project we may also recommend entire walls to be painted in brown.

We will cover brown paint over the next month, selecting a wide variety of brown hues to show you.

Some benefits of using brown paint in residential and commercial projects:

  • Brown is a distinctly earthy colour that works well in a residential or commercial space due to its ability to exude a homely and stable feel, which relates to people feeling comfortable and happy within that space.

    brown paint

  • Brown is a rich looking colour, and it so often appears textured. Therefore, there are many colours that pair well with that may surprise you! Brown works well with grey, black, beige, orange, white, and pink.
  • Brown is a solid colour that exudes strength and maturity. Hence, why its often favoured among men. It has a strong masculine appeal to it.

    brown paint

  • Various hues can bring out the “Yumminess” in brown. Chocolate, coffee, ice cream, scotch, bread, biscuits, mushrooms, and dates are just some of the food and drink items that bring us comfort and joy. Hence, shades of brown could stimulate appetites in a residential dining room or a commercial hospitality space.

    Brown paint

  • Brown is a primary colour in nature . We see it in both flora and fauna and the animal kingdom. Therefore, brown styling can be reflective of the positive feelings that nature can provide: stability, safety, reassurance, and vitality. A residential or commercial space could benefit from this and boost feelings of positivity and productivity.
  • Dark rich browns such as Chocolate Brown bring a dramatic vibrancy to a space. Hence, why they work well as accent walls or in spaces with little visible wall space. The richness and theatricality of dark brown can be well balanced with light ceilings, furniture and flooring.
  • Light to mid tone brown such as Ceylon Tea or China Brown tend to “hug and protect” the space. They provide a cozy atmosphere without dominating the space. This makes them perfect as backdrop for art displays in a residential or commercial space. Also for bedrooms, libraries, and general office spaces. 


Are you interested or curious about using brown paint in your next commercial or residential project? Contact us on 1300 782 862 or via the contact us section of our website! We would love to help out!