Painting and Decorating Brunswick Home: Joinery and Wallpaper

Painting and Decorating Brunswick Home: Joinery and Wallpaper

One of our most recent completed projects was a painting and decorating Brunswick residential job. We were contacted in regard to quoting for this painting and decorating Brunswick project and we were most excited at the opportunity to work on it. This was because it included both painting of joinery and hanging wallpaper. What a great combination!

We have done quite a bit of work in the Brunswick and Brunswick West areas. We enjoy it, due to the variety of houses that you find in these suburbs. The majority of homes have that inimitable style that’s so Melbourne. A variety of houses ranging from Mid Victorians to Edwardians to Inter-War to Californian Bungalows to Post War Houses. You will find them all in these suburbs, with so much character and history. Definitive marks left by the generations that have existed in these areas over time. It exudes both a charm and a warm familiarity.

The Staunch Greco team were thrilled to win this Painting and decorating Brunswick project. Upon first visit and inspection of the property we were shown what were to be our two project tasks.

Wallpaper was to be hung in this toilet room below

painting and decorating brunswick        painting and decorating brunswick

The wallpaper that the client had chosen was an antique wallpaper that dated back to 1920. A vintage product made and sold in Italy from an antique dealership. We took utmost care with handling such a precious wallpaper and took the time to test it with the adhesive that we generally use. Part of being the eco-friendly specialists includes the materials we use. When installing wallpaper, we use an eco-friendly plant-based wallpaper adhesive.

We also test wallpaper with the glue we intend to use, as we have to ensure there is no expansion and contraction of the material. Fortunately, our preferred adhesive worked perfectly well with the paper. Our Staunch Project Manager Sam and Staunch Assistant Julian worked hard on doing all the preparation work, which included pattern matching. The final result, as you can see below, looks absolutely stunning. Our clients were super pleased to see their chosen design installed so well.

Wallpapering Staunch Greco Industries Brunswick West  Wallpapering staunch greco industries melbourne 3
wallpaper brunswick

The home had quite a unique layout of joinery.  Many cupboards which stretched across the living area and went into the kitchen space. Our objective was to paint all the internal and external cupboard doors, side panels, handles and edges.


The client had chosen Dulux range of eco-friendly paint Enviro range in the colour Chinchilla Chenille. As you can observe from the photographs, the wood is textured. It’s known as Oriented Strand Board wood. It was invented in California in the 60s. It’s an engineered wood which is formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood flakes in specific directions.

Samuel and Julian spent two days doing the preparation work and then painting the detached doors on the ground, whilst the side in built panels were prepped and painted last.

The result was beautiful. The work we did really brough the joinery to life, and gave it a distinct personality of its own, which will work as a striking centerpiece for the space that they are in.

painting joinery melbourne brunswick west

It’s always pleasing to see the clients so happy with our work. It makes our job all the more rewarding.  Painting and decorating Brunswick properties is always wonderful, but we also service all Melbourne suburbs!

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