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Your house is not just a house, your house IS your home. Staunch Greco Industries understands the importance of one’s home. It is your private domain. Your sanctuary.  It is an expression of the personalities living inside the house. Therefore, we take great care and pride in painting your home.

You may want a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the place. You might want to go a different way with colours. You might be selling the house and moving on. You might be putting the house up for rent.

Our considerate painters will ensure the job is done on time, to a high level of standard, and with minimal disruption.

Staunch Greco Industries also understands the various types of houses within Melbourne. Our professional Melbourne painters have considerable experience with the different types of houses, from old weatherboards to historical Edwardians to the more streamlined modern homes built today. Therefore, we understand each project is different and will have different requirements, particularly when it comes to paint and wall preparation. This includes the types of materials and tools we use.

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Residential Services


Painting your home’s interiors is an ideal way to give the internal structure a beautiful revamp. Your painting project manager will ensure that the team is:

  • Preparing surfaces for painting.
  • Protecting floors and furniture.
  • Utilizing best quality tools to install the type of paint you have selected.
  • We are also happy to provide colour consultation for your home. Using a range of colours throughout your home is a welcomed option.

Our team will ensure your interior space is examined:

  • For any surface preparation and repairs that need to be done. This includes sanding, removing old paint or wallpaper, and filling holes.
  • Examine areas for any lead-based paint that needs to be safely removed.
  • They will ensure water proofing systems are in place for areas.
  • They will erect scaffolds if necessary.
  • They will check the ceilings and heights of the ceilings.
  • They will check the number of doors that need to be painted.
  • Checks will be done on skirting boards and any architraves, woodwork and trims.
Staunch Greco Industries - Interior Painting


Exterior painting for your home is just as important as interior painting. Exterior residential painting is another way that your home can be enhanced. You might feel it needs a new and updated look via a fresh coat of paint. You might be noticing cracking and chipping of the current paint, which is a definite sign that it’s time to invest in exterior painting.

The benefits of exterior house painting include:

  • It makes your home stand out: Maintaining the exterior on your property gives you a sense of pride. It shows that you care about your abode.
  • It increases your home’s value: A sharp looking residential exterior adds to the value of your property and makes it more attractive for prospective tenants and buyers.
  • Protection from the elements: A high quality paint job can protect your home from the various effects of the external elements including rain, dust, weather damage and insects.
  • Repairs to damages: Your assigned project manager and painting staff may notice external damage throughout the exterior of your house. They may notice water stains, rotting wood, or mildew. If spotted early enough, these things are not so difficult to fix. Our team will advise you of anything they notice during inspection and/or painting and what to do about it.

Part of an exterior residential painting project could include painting your fence. Painting a fence is an ideal way to give it a beautiful look and finish.

The exterior timber of your home might need some work. Our team can ensure that it’s looking its very best by applying new paint or varnish.

Our team will do the following:

  • A staunch examination of the exterior of your home in order to ascertain what preparation needs to be done.
  • We will examine the weather during a period of time you are happy for the work to commence.
  • We will work efficiently and effectively throughout the agreed upon time bracket, allowing for suitable weather in order to complete the project to a high level of satisfaction.
Staunch Greco Industries - Exterior Painting

Spray Painting

Spray painting is an option for interior and exterior residential painting. It involves the application of paint via a spray gun. Compressed gas (namely air) is utilized to direct and atomise the paint particles. Airless sprayers are also available and are often more practical.

Staunch Greco Industries recommends considering interior spray painting when it comes to a new residential build. We also recommend considering exterior spray painting. It can be an effective and efficient way of painting large exterior areas.

Spray painting requires very precise preparation prior to application, which includes cleaning, filling uneven spots and cracks. Walls need to be perfectly smooth.  Extra special care must be taken to protect flooring when spray painting is conducted indoors. Painters also need to be equipped with specific work gear while undertaking spray painting. Discuss this option with your Staunch Greco project manager to see whether it’s a valid option for you.

Staunch Greco Industries - Spray Painting

Roof Painting

When considering painting the internals and externals of your home, you should also consider roof top painting. You certainly wouldn’t want the following contrasting situation: The internals and externals of your home are looking pristine and fresh whilst your roof looks tired and in need of an upgrade.

Staunch Greco Industries specialized team of painters will be able to make your roof look new again. Our team will ensure the roof is cleaned. Any repairs that need to be done will be done before sealer is applied.

Benefits of roof painting include:

  • It enhances the beauty and the aesthetic of your home. Therefore, increases its market value.
  • Usage of a reflective coating that will help reduce the effects of heat and UV rays.
  • Increases the longevity of your roof, by making it equipped to handle the various climates of the seasons.
  • There are studies that indicate that roof painting lowers absorption of heat of the home. Hence it reduces energy consumption of the property.
  • Roof painting can assist in averting dirt and mildew from being stuck on the roof.
Staunch Greco Industries - Roof Painting


There is an alternative to paint: Wallpaper. It is very retro but wallpaper always makes a comeback and becomes fashionable again. It just so happens that we are currently in a revival of interest in wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a stylish option. It can capture visual effects and texture that paint cannot provide. Wallpaper technology has come a long way. These days it’s easy to apply and remove. The style options are endless including: Rice paper, woody, canvas, vinyl and hessian. Talk to your Staunch Greco Consultant about utilizing wallpaper.

Benefits include:

  • Durability: Wallpaper can last up to fifteen years making it a cost-effective option.
  • Installing wallpaper doesn’t require a perfectly even surface. It’s able to go over and hide imperfections of the wall’s surface.
  • It is a clean and mess free installation process
  • Wallpaper comes in an abundance of colours, styles and themes.
  • It can create a beautiful ambiance for a room by bringing about a warmth, depth, substance and character. It can also bring a richness to the room by contrasting with your other furnishings.
Staunch Greco Industries - Wallpaper Painting Residential

Decking Restoration

Staunch Greco Industries also specialises in decking restoration for your residential property!

Decking restoration is all about giving the wood an extended life span. The process keeps it looking great for a much longer period.

We will discuss what your requirements are and provide you with advice about which products and finishes to use. For example: Clear finishes, transparent stain, solid stains etc

 We start with an inspection to get an understanding of the general condition of the wood. If some of the wood is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Preparation of the wood is essential in order to get best possible results with a clear and smooth finish.

The preparation starts with cleaning. We use the following equipment: Deck cleaner solution, water pressure machine, and a broom (for clean-up). We must leave it to dry for a couple of days after the cleaning.

Good sanding means a smooth and quality finish. We make sure the surface looks good after the sanding. We remove dust and dirt from the surface and the surroundings, in order to ensure a very clear and smooth finish.

From this point, the surface is ready to receive the first coat of the product that has been selected. We ensure that we follow manufacturer installation and application requirements in order to get a top-quality finish. We can apply one or two coats of the products depending on the surface conditions or which finish you want.

Staunch Greco Industries - Roof Painting