White Paint: Choosing the Right White For Your Residential or Commercial Project

White Paint: Choosing the Right White For Your Residential or Commercial Project

Staunch Greco Industries will run a series of blog posts covering a range of different colours, how those colours can make you feel and how they can be used effectively in a space. We run a staunch colour and style consultation service. Please click here in order to organize this service for your residential or commercial project.

White paint is arguably the most popular colour when it comes to shades of paint for residential and commercial spaces. It is the most common go to colour for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms in homes. The same scenario with white paint in general rooms & corridors and office spaces in commercial projects. However, white is not just WHITE. There are so many different hues of white available to you. The white paint options can certainly be overwhelming, but our team is here to help.

We will cover white paints over the next month, selecting a wide variety of white hues to show you.

To start off our journey of white paint exploration please keep the following in mind:

Some benefits of White in Residential and Commercial Spaces:

  • White exudes simplicity and works extremely well with traditional and contemporary styling.white paints
  • White is great for amplifying natural light. Its reflective, therefore the more windows you have in a space, the more it will reflect and brighten up the room.


  • White enhances a sense of space.it instantly makes a small space feel larger and it also opens up a larger space to make it appear even larger. The flow on effect from this is that it has the ability of clearing visual clutter.white paints
  • White is the perfect neutral backdrop for all types of interior designs. A key benefit of its neutrality is that makes a space look clean.


  • White provides a calming and soothing effect. It has the ability to conjure up feelings of positivity due to it being symbolic of peace and purity.white paints
  • Scientific research is indicating that modern formulated white paint colour reflects 98.1% of sunglight, which creates a powerful cooling effect.


  • White can provide a warming or cooling feel depending on chosen shade. For example, Paper White, Chantilly Lace and Frostine provide a cooling feel to a space. Whilst Alabaster, White Dove and Snowfall white project a warmth.

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