Eco-Friendly Paints Are Key For Our Environment and Sustainability Plan

Eco-Friendly Paints Are Key For Our Environment and Sustainability Plan

Last blog post covering our environmental and sustainability plan centered around the importance of the recycling and conservation of water. You can read that article by clicking here.

Eco-friendly paints is what we will be examining on this blog post. Eco-friendly paints are a key centerpiece to not only our environmental and sustainability plan but to our entire business. We understand that you as a potential client might already have a paint manufacturer in mind for your residential or commercial project. You may have already considered eco-friendly paints and made a decision based on that, which is great. However, you may not have and there is good reason to consider them.

Staunch Greco Industries has made it a top priority to research the eco-friendly paint market, to form a select collection of eco-friendly paints to recommend to you. The idea is to not overwhelm you with choice, but to have a a handful of staunch products that you can trust in and rely on.

We have formed good working relationships with manufacturers and have taken the time to understand their eco-friendly paint products. Our chief aim here is to make recommendations that will be of benefit to the three key sectors:

The health and well-being of our clients and their families/colleagues.

The health and well-being of the wider community

The health and well-being of our environments and eco-systems

E-Colour Paints:

Ecolour paints is a 100% Australian made & owned company which showcases products that are the result of over two decades of research & development.

Ecolour places great importance on health and environmental sustainability.

Ecolour paints can match just about any colour, from any paint chart. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, we will organize for Ecolour to match it.

Ecolour paints has achieved official recognition from The Green Building Council of Australia as a paint manufacturer whose products have provide excellent indoor air quality.

Ecolour paints uses breakthrough technology to make premium water-based paint that is 100% free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This is both better for the health of people and the well being of the environment.

Ecolour’s products are suitable for interior and exterior painting, safe for children, pets, pregnant women, asthma sufferers and those sensitive to chemicals.

ecolour paints

Astec Paints:

Astec paints was founded in Australia in 1978 and continues to be 100% owned and operated. Their products are 100% tested, developed and manufactured in Australia. Local sourced raw materials are used in an ethically responsible manufacturing facility.

Its amazing and wonderful to note that 50% of Astec products are sold to South Korea, China and Japan. Its always great to see an Australian made product doing so well in foreign markets, but also wonderful because this ensures that the manufacturing jobs stay in Australia and it’s a contribution to our manufacturing industry overall. Many of its products are very low VOC.

Besides the Australian made and owned label, Astec carries some other wonderful certifications including:

CodeMark Certified- CodeMark is a third party independent certification which examines and credits Astec’s promise that Heat Reflective Coatings will perform as promised.

Good Environmental Choice Certification- This organization certifies the lifespan of a product from an environmental context.

Energy Star Range is a key product of recommendation. Its heat reflective coatings reflect 50% of the sun’s heat via a process of infrared reflection. No matter what colour you choose, the produce reduces absorbed heat within a building.

Using Energy Star results in reduced C02 emissions, cooler spaces and savings in energy costs.

Astec paints

Haymes Paint:

Australia’s first family of paint. Born in Ballarat in 1935, Haymes Paint is the outcome of Henry Haymes’ passion to provide quality & innovative paint & coating products to all Australians. Over the years, each family member has taken care to hand on the commitment & passion for crafting quality products.

Haymes Paint are driven to bring new & innovative products to market, ensuring their customers always have the best. Haymes Paint lives & breathes their values of individuality, independence & integrity. Many of its products are low VOC.

Today, they are led by the third generation of the Haymes family. Proudly Australian Made & Owned they are still based in Ballarat, where it all began.

Haymes Paint & Sustainability:
Haymes Paint is committed to protecting the environment for future generations by acting sustainably
& looking for innovative ways to lessen their impact on the environment. They actively look for ways to reduce
water usage, waste & utilise renewable energy.

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Volvox is our go to 100% natural based paint. Created and manufactured 100% in Germany, it is the first clay paint in the world, established in 2004!
Each tub contains at least 35% of real clay from natural pits. It is fantastic for indoor air quality. It is breathable, odour absorbing, humidity regulating and its supports room climates and healthy living. It comes in a matt surface and is available in over 170 colours.

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Contact Staunch Greco Industries on 1300 782 862 or or via our website  to discuss best eco-friendly paint options for your residential or commercial property.