Sustainability and Green Movement: SGI Are Proud Members !

Sustainability and Green Movement: SGI Are Proud Members !

The management Staunch Greco Industries all came together with a common objective for this business: we must be a part of the green and sustainability movement.

In our busy day to day lives we often forget to just stop and take a moment to appreciate the world we live in. We all discussed how when we consciously made the decision to stop and appreciate all the natural wonders around us, we felt so much hapiness and appreciation. However, we also couldn’t help but feel a sense of concern and sadness for just how much we as humans harm the world around us. Perhaps this is why many don’t stop to appreciate it all. That sense of the harm we cause to it might follow on from the positive thoughts. We try to avoid negative thoughts as often as possible.

The team at SGI don’t bury their heads in the sand. We can acknowledge the positives and the negatives but we can also turn negatives into potential positives.
Hence, we spearheaded a mission for our business. How can we help the communities around us? How can we improve general health and well-being? How can we assist our environment and planet?

The answer was obvious: we must be a part of the green and sustainaiblity movement. Yes, its very trendy right now but its not just some marketing gimick for us. We truly believe in it.

We did a wonderful greenpainters course, which helped us to learn a great deal more about how we can implement procedures and processes that are kinder to our environment. We formulated an environmental/sustainability plan for SGI and it’s a major core focus in our day to day operations.

We will discuss the specifics of our plan over time via the Staunch Greco Industries blog. We want you all to stay informed on what we are doing to make our world better !