Colour and Style Is Our Passion

Colour and Style is Our Passion!

The team at Staunch Greco Industries not only love working with the practical side of painting, we absolutely love colour and design!

We enjoy it so much that we love taking part in helping our clients find the exact colour and style that they are after.

Part of that is keeping you all engaged on the Staunch Greco blog ! We will delve further into colour and style on our website. We will closely examine colours and styles and how it will be possible to incorporate them into your home or place of business.

In order to further assist our clients with their colour and style selections.
We provide a residential and commercial colour consultation service to help you select the perfect colours for your next painting project.

Your Staunch Colour and Style Consultant will support you by:

  • Discussing and identifying your colour and style objects and aspirations
  • Inspecting your place of residence or business and gather a sense of the space and its character, as well as considering the furnishings and its style.
  • Getting a sense of your personality and how you want to project it into your home through highly considered colour and design. We want to help you capture the ambience that is most meaningful to you.
  • With commercial clients, we work to understand your unique business, your brand identity, and your commercial space in order to recommend a colour palette that reflects the values and culture of your business/organisation.

In order to find out more and to book your consultation please give us a call on 1300 782 862 or email us at

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