Welcome to Staunch Greco Industries!

Welcome to Staunch Greco Industries !

Welcome to Staunch Greco Industries and welcome to the Staunch Greco Industries blog! The Staunch Greco team have been very busy over the past few years putting everything in place in order to bring their service offering to Melbourne!

We love the idea of writing a blog in order to communicate ideas, company information, and industry. We also want to hear back from the people of Melbourne as to what you would like us to talk about on our blog and website. So drop us a line anytime at info@staunchgrecoindustries.com.au

Our team encompasses a broad range of talents and experience which includes qualifications and experience in residential and commercial painting and decorating, erection of scaffolding, working safely at heights, lead paint removal and green and eco friendly practises.

Our management team has worked extensively in the fields of commercial construction, retail, fast moving consumer goods so we bring the wealth of all these experiences to SGI. Client and account management, and customer service is a major focus for us.

Many people have asked us where our business name came from. The word “Staunch” is a personal favourite among many of us here for its primary meaning: very loyal and committed. This word forms wider meaning to our business via our principles and values. We are completely committed to producing high quality work and will not compromise on this. We give our loyalty and commitment to our clients, our suppliers, our staff, and very importantly, the environment. We are proud to be staunch members of the green sustainability movement!

The word “Greco” is a nod to the Greco-Roman world. When we think of the Greco-Roman period we often think of such great craftsmanship and workmanship. It was all about quality and this is something that we are focused on. So often the principles of craftsmanship is lost for a variety of reason. It’s a high priority for us. We do not cut corners and we don’t substitute quality craftsmanship for anything.

Residential and commercial painting and decorating is the first service SGI is bringing to Melbourne. Watch this space for what else we have in store for you!