Staunch Greco Industries Becomes A Green Painter

Staunch Greco Industries Becomes A Green Painter

Becoming a Green Painter was our key overaching mission. Once The Staunch Greco management team decided that a major focus of the business would be green friendliness and sustainability

We started putting together a Green Painters Sustainability plan. This plan was intended for the public and our clients to see so they are aware of how we work and how that method of working improves their lives, the life of the community and the well-being of the environment. The Green Painters plan was also intended to be a guide for staff to be educated on and to follow in their day to day work with SGI.

Our initial step was to undertake formal training. We  wanted to learn as much as we could about the green and sustainability movement. Hence, we enrolled in the National Green Painter course.
We found the course both genuinely interesting and engaging. We learnt a great deal about sustainable methods of working and responsible recyclable practises. We also found it fantastic as a reference to what products we can include as preferred options to present to clients.

We are proud to say that Staunch Greco Industries is registered by the state licensing authority as an accredited Greenpainter, specially trained in sustainable painting.

A Green Painter can be measured as per the following points:

  • Uses waste water conservation and minimization techniques
  • Qualified to advise clients on which eco-friendly paints to use for their projects.
  • Adherence to the Environmental Code of Practise and possesses the required licenses and insurances.
  • -Reduces waste in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Understands natural paints as well as low vocs/0 voc paints.
  • Assists you in cutting carbon omissions.