Shades of Red Paint: Prepare To Be Impressed With Options!

Shades of Red Paint: Prepare To Be Impressed With Options!

On our previous blog we gave an introduction into our exploration of  red paint colours as well as some of the benefits of using shades of red paint in your residential or commercial project. To read this article please click here

Today we will examine a range of different shades of red paint that could provide you with inspiration.
Barn Red:
For those looking a timeless shade of red that will look terrific in either a residential or commercial project, one should consider barn red. Reminiscent of the colours used on the exteriors of barns in the USA. It gives a property that old fashioned sense of warmth, familiarity, and hospitality. It exudes a rural charm, whilst still being able to work in a modern setting. Orange undertones give this hue warmth and glow.
barn red paint barn red paint
Red Delicious:
Shades of red paint are ideal when they are classical. Hence, Red delicious. It certainly has a yuminess to it. Ideal for a dining room or a restaurant interior, as it could inspire an appetite!
Hence why it’s ideal in rooms where one entertains: either dining or living area. It goes well with white and sand tones. It also can become quite sensual in bedrooms when paired with white decor.
red delicious red paint red delicious red paint

Radicchio is a memorable red that takes its name from the leaves of the italian chicory, Radicchio. It does have a contemporary vibe to it, with its magenta undertone. Thereby, providing a very clean red. It pairs up very well with ink grey/blues, olive greens and beiges. It’s ideal for sitting rooms, dining rooms, or general rooms and corridors in a heritage home.

Radicchio Red Paint radicchio red paint

Salsa Diane:
Salsa Diane is a soothing red paint option that is ideal as an accent feature or as a hue for an entire room. Its combination of earthy and ruby undertones almost brings about a desert sand mood. It can be subtle or dramatic depending on how much of it you plan on using and how you decorate the surroundings.
It definitely leans towards the nostalgic vibe. if you pair it up with classical furnishings, it will create a yesteryear energy.
salsa diane red paint salsa diane red paint

Rectory Red :
When one hears the word “rectory” they immediately think of Catholicism. The origins of this colour come from the Catholic church. This colour originates from the chosen colour to paint charming homes for clergy members. It has an aged aspect to it, yet it is a very clean hue and comes off as very sophisticated when contrasted with white. The smaller the room, the more intense this stunning colour becomes.
rectory red paint rectory red paint

Choosing the right shades of brown paints for your residential or commercial property can be a challenge, but we are here to help you with that! Hit up the Staunch Greco team to organize your colour and style consultation quote.  Contact us on 1300 782 862 or the contact us form on our website