Staunch Greco Industries will run a series of blog posts covering a range of different colours, how those colours can make you feel and how they can be used effectively in a space. We run a staunch colour and style consultation service. Please click here in order to organize this service for your residential or commercial project.

Red paint in residential and commercial projects can be a challenge. Though we do see it far more so in commercial projects, it can also work in residential too. Red paint tends to sometimes go with the themes and branding of commercial properties. However, often residential clients are too apprehensive to use it.

In the commercial space we do see it used, especially in the hospitality and retail segment. No one seems to question it in the commercial context but to suggest a residential crossover is what gives people pause and apprehension.
It is more so a challenge than something like white or grey, but that’s half the fun !

Red paint is something we would like to see more people using in their residential and commercial projects wherever possible based on the requirements and desires of the client. Often, we recommend it as an accent feature in certain spaces. However, depending on what kind of mood and style you wish to create in your space or spaces in your project we may also recommend entire walls to be painted in red.

We will cover red paint over the next month, selecting a wide variety of red hues to show you.

Some benefits of using red paint in residential and commercial projects:

  • Red commands attention. Its an energizing colour that excites emotions and motivates action. Therefore, red can be a real statement piece in a residential or commercial space. One must take the time to select the right shade and consider the space, furnishings and decorations that will go with it.
    red paint staunch greco industries melbourne
  • Shades of red can be an enhancement to workplace morale in a commercial space. Red promotes energy and excitement, which gets the brainwaves going. Hence, a positive effect on staff members.
    This doesn’t mean the entire space should be painted red but an accent wall in Ruby or Pomegranate in a general office, boardroom, restaurant, retail store, or in a factory space can be a positive for the workplace culture.
  • Red hues can work extremely well in residential or commercial gym spaces. A red accent wall in a home gym or a red walls in a commercial gym can motivate those who use the facilities to train harder via its effect of inspiring energy and action.
  • Red is colour that is heavily used within food/hospitality marketing. It is said to enhance appetite! Therefore a degree of red in a residential dining area could work well. Using a shade like Heritage Red or Classic Burgundy could also create a sophisticated vibe reminiscent of classic dining rooms of Europe and Scandinavia.
    Red in a restaurant or café, could lead to an arousal of appetite which could equate to your clients ordering more food for their table!
    red delicious red paint staunch greco industries
  • If making a bold statement is your groove in your home or place of business, red is the colour for you! Reds such as Moroccan Red and Rectory Red are dramatic and fiery and are sure to wow people. Red also evokes Royal interiors of Royal Houses, traditional Catholic churches and old world bordellos. Match a striking red with the right furnishings, antiques and art and you will have a space that will leave lasting impressions on all who enter!
    red paint rectory paint staunch greco industries
  • Light red hues such as Radicchio and Salsa Diane lend themselves very well to bedrooms in residential spaces. They tend to stimulate sensitivity, passion and sexuality. Red is the colour for boudoir romance !
  • An entire space in bright or dark reds might be too overpowering, which is why we often recommend red as accent wall feature. A splash of red is commanding enough on its own. Red contrasts very well with grey, white, yellow and black hues.
    blazer red paint staunch greco industries Red paint could be ideal for your next residential or commercial project. Contact the Staunch Greco team on 1300 782 862 or click here to access out contact page for a free staunch no-obligation quote!