The team at Staunch Greco Industries have both great experience and great passion for working with heritage homes in Melbourne. The combined experience and passion that the Staunch Greco team shares has led to a number of heritage home projects we are all extremely proud of.

Through this type of project work we have become familiar with specific aspect of historical builds, down to small yet significant details. Render restoration has been a service feature that our team has become quite skilled in, and those skills are so well applied to Californian bungalows.  Pillars are a key feature of Californian bungalows. This style of house would not be complete without those bold and striking pillars standing so staunchly at the foreground of the home. Therefore, it is vital that these pillars are kept in good condition and are kept looking as magnificent as they truly are.

Over time you may notice that your pillars have lost their edge and need render restoration. This is where the Staunch Greco team can help you. We recently performed render restoration on a grand Californian bungalow. Here are the main steps we take when doing render restoration on your home.

Step 1:
The team removes the old paint by using a chipping process with our trusty tools. This is necessary as we must begin the render restoration with the original brick work.

render restoration historical homes melbourne

Step 2:

Once most of the old paint is removed, we begin to apply a sealing coat in order to protect and seal the brick work.

Step 3:

We prepare a cement mixture with water and apply it evenly onto the pillars. This can be a lengthy process: waiting for the cement to dry. This could take several weeks. It could even take a few months. This depends entirely on weather conditions and to what degree the pillars are exposed to direct sunlight. The wetter the weather is, the longer it takes to dry. The less direct sun light they get, the longer it can take to dry.

The team regularly monitor pillars throughout the project by taking temperature readings. Once temperature readings show that it is completely dry. It is onto the next stage!

render restoration historical houses melbourne

Step 4:

We begin by applying a white sealer over the dried cement.

render restoration painting staunch greco industries

Once this is dry, we apply the first coat of chosen paint colour. Once this is dry, we apply a second coat. Then we apply a third coat. Once the third coat of paint is dry, render restoration is complete!!

What a beautiful colour our client chose. A deep historical olive green. The boys are proud of their render restoration work. Well done team!

render restoration painting staunch greco industries

Do you require render restoration ? Contact the Staunch Greco team on 1300 782 862 or email us to organize your no obligation staunch quote!

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