Concrete Painting In Melbourne: Get it Done Staunchly!

Concrete Painting In Melbourne: Get it Done Staunchly!

One of the most frequent questions we get from family, friends, and clients in general discussions of the painting and decorating trade is whether concrete can be painted? Absolutely it can be! Concrete can end up looking tired and in need of a fresh lift, just like any other part of your residential or commercial property. The process of painting concrete helps not only give it a fresh new look but to also increase its durability and aids in its preservation.

Concrete Painting in Melbourne is one of the Staunch Greco team’s expert specialties. The team loves providing this service, as it’s a great process to work through and it’s always wonderful to see the pleasant surprise that comes when clients see the finished result.

Once a client accepts their staunch quote, Concrete painting in Melbourne residential or commercial projects is conducted via the below process.

We recently had a residential project at a beautiful home in Glen Iris. Our client required portions of concrete flooring and walling painted. Using this project, as a reference here are our general steps.

1) Step 1 – We would begin by patching any holes or cracks, and then a sand process to smooth out any rough spots. In this case the surfaces were very good so, very little was required here.
2) Step 2 Clean: We begin to clean the concrete via a sweep and vacuum process.
concrete painting melbourne
3) Step 3 Clean: We apply a pressure water system to give it a thorough clean. We allow it to completely dry, and we begin the following stage the next day.
concrete painting in melbourne concrete painting in melbourne

4) Step 4- Priming Preparation. We prepare the surfaces for painting with a primer. Hence, sealing and protecting the surface. We are using Dulux Concrete and Paving Primer, which is a terrific new product. It incorporates an etching component. This is important because it allows for a greater physical bond of the primer onto the concrete surface, providing it greater protection.

concrete painting in melbourne concrete painting in melbourne
5) Paint-Now we are ready to add the final coat. The final stage is painting the concrete surfaces. We used product Dulux Finish Concrete and Paving. Our client chose the colour monument.

concrete painting in melbourne  concrete painting in melbourne
What a difference! Fresh and vibrant! We often get asked how often concrete painting in Melbourne commercial or residential projects is required. This depends on a few factors: what type of traffic the concrete surfaces receive and what type of weather the concrete surfaces are subjected to. Keeping these two factors in mind, you would be looking at a bracket of 10 to 15 years.
Concrete Painting in Melbourne Residential or Commercial Projects can be done to ultimate satisfaction by our dedicated painting and decorating team! Call us on 1300 782 862 or via our contact us form on our website to organize your free staunch no obligation quote!