Painting St Kilda History: Staunch Greco Industries Paints A Masterpiece House

Painting St Kilda History: Staunch Greco Industries Paints A Masterpiece House

Staunch Greco Industries was absolutely honoured to be chosen as the painting team to be entrusted with painting and decorating this magnificent heritage St Kilda home. A late Victorian house facing St Kilda bay, our team saw it as a terrific opportunity to expand on our portfolio of working with historical heritage homes in Melbourne. We also saw it as a chance to showcase our knowledge and abilities when it comes to painting St Kilda residential properties like this one.

The interior design team briefed us on the type of paints that were to be used on the project. The client had selected Resene Zylone Sheen O VOCs paint in the hues of white, greys, and blacks.
Prior to the commencement of painting, we ran our standard health and safety checks as well as our standard company environmental check list, which provides staff with orientation and safety information regarding the site. We also had plans in place with regards to responsible recycling of waste and rubbish.

The entire project consisted of painting four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, a kitchen, corridors, a staircase, an office, and a beautiful soiree room.

Below you can see how beautiful the kitchen and dining room turned out. Painted in an elegant and classic hue of white, it really opened up the spaces and gave both rooms a sense of grand spaciousness and positive energy.
painting St Kilda st kilda painting

Below you see one of the bedrooms we painted in the same shade of white. The fresh coat of paint, in combination with the  gave the bedroom both a grand yet dignified look.

painting st kilda

We painted the exterior fence and balcony castings in an off shade of black that aids in giving it wonderfully dramatic yet bold exterior look and vibe.
painting st kilda

Painting St Kilda houses, especially historical ones, will often bring about not only the painting of architraves and arch moulding but also restoring them too!  The arches had some damage to them, so it was our pleasure to restore them back to their original glory!

painting st kilda

Please check out our short video below showing highlights of the St Kilda painting project. It also includes the work we did in painting and restoring parts of the staircase and the painting we did in the glorious soiree room. Sam will guide you through the project:

Painting St Kilda-Staunch Greco Industries Residential Melbourne Eco-Friendly Painters & Decorators – YouTube

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