Painting Mid Victorian Houses in Melbourne: Staunch Greco Industries Investigates

Painting Mid Victorian Houses in Melbourne: Staunch Greco Industries Investigates

Welcome to Part 2 of exploring the different types of historical houses in Melbourne. We offer an overall summary of the physical characteristics of each type of house along with some recommended paint colours

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Staunch Greco Industries is proud to be a Melbourne born business. We might be accused of being biased but Melbourne is our favourite city in Australia for a variety of reasons. One significant reason is the historical architecture. It is simply striking and beautiful. We appreciate that old world craftsmanship.

In Melbourne you see a great variety of historical homes and we certainly do love painting and decorating them!

Therefore, it makes sense for us to do an exploration series of the different types of historical homes in Melbourne on our website blog, our Facebook and our Instagram.

Painting Mid Victorian Houses in Melbourne: Summary

Mid Victorian houses were constructed between the years of 1860 to 1875. They are quite similar to Early Victorian houses, however there are significant distinctions.  They tend to be more decorated via ornamentation. Decorative brickwork was very fashionable at the time. Stucco is predominant on exterior surfaces.  Timber constructed verandas are far more common here than in Early Victorians. Patterned tile floors are a beautiful addition to these houses.

Exterior Style Summary:
Rendered or decorative multi coloured brickwork is a common look and style for the exterior walling. Occasionally bluestone construction can be spotted.
Square-edged weatherboards are a signature feature of timber houses. Decorative brackets under eaves are also a staple feature.

In regards to fencing you generally find two styles: timber pickets and cast iron spears palisade style.

Gardens feature geometric layouts with various types of flowers and evergreen trees.

Interior Style Summary:

We love the blue and red coloured stain glass that is an interior staple in these types of homes, which is found beside entry doors.
The walls are usually plastered, painted or feature wallpaper over the plaster. Timber lining boards are painted or polished. Skirtings , ceiling roses, architraves, and cornices are generally on a larger scale and quite elaborate.

Interior Colours:
painting mid victorian houses in melbourne
Exterior Colours

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