Painting Early Victorian Homes In Melbourne: Staunch Greco Industries Investigates

Painting Early Victorian Homes In Melbourne: Staunch Greco Industries Investigates


Staunch Greco Industries is proud to be a Melbourne born business. We might be accused of being biased but Melbourne is our favourite city in Australia for a variety of reasons. One significant reason is the historical architecture. It is simply striking and beautiful. We appreciate that old world craftsmanship.

In Melbourne you see a great variety of historical homes and we certainly do love painting and decorating them!

Therefore, it makes sense for us to do an exploration series of the different types of historical homes in Melbourne on our website blog, our Facebook and our Instagram.

Painting Early Victorian Homes in Melbourne: Summary

Early Victorians tend to have been built from between 1840 and 1860. They tend to have basic or no verandahs. They come in either stand alone or terraced format. They tend to be one to two bedrooms. They are plain in style but have a pleasant simplicity to them.

Roofs are generally made of slate, timber shingles or corrugated iron. Exterior walls are brick or rendered to appear weatherboard stone. Double hung windows are predominant with timber. Fences generally come in picket style.


You might find walls lined with timber and often plastered. Walls are often covered in hessian which is either painted or covered in wallpaper. Ceilings are generally plain and undecorated. Skirtings and architraves are moulded.

Painting Early Victorian Homes in Melbourne: 

If you looking at painting your early Victorian home we recommend the following colours. We can discuss your project further via our colour and style consultation service


painting early victorian homes in melbourne

painting victorian homes in melbourne
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