Greco-Roman Style Design: Staunch Greco Industries Examines How You Can Achieve this Style

Greco-Roman Style Design: Staunch Greco Industries Examines How You Can Achieve this Style

Greco-Roman style design is exquisite and exciting to think about. Immediately, images of opulent and sophisticated rooms come to mind. Also, the narrative of staunch gladiators and warriors and divinity in the form of the many Gods and Goddesses. In our previous article we discussed Greco-Roman colour schemes and how to achieve them in paint. Today we discuss how to achieve Greco-Roman style design.

Greco-Roman Style design incorporates several factors which all together combined create the ultimate in Greco-Roman Style design. Understandably, going the full extent could be too much for certain people and certain residential/commercial spaces. However, you can still take on degrees of Greco-Roman style design which will still create a significant vibe. Its up to you, as to what extent you want to take it too. But you must also consider the space itself and the ambiance that you want to create.

Concrete and stone flooring is ideal. Mosaic tiled flooring is also an obvious choice. Timber flooring or vinyl wood grain style planks will also work well if you opt for rich and dark wood grain colours.

For stone flooring, you can either go for a matte or gloss finish. Matte looks more natural, whilst gloss tends to more grandiose.

Go for wool, silk and linen fabrics. Silk and linen will work well as drapery for windows.

We highly recommend furniture made from wood and stone. For example, you could go a wood table with carved detailing and character. Stone top or mosaic top tables are a great option. You can go for glass top tables featuring lion statues or columns.

When looking at sofas, examine fabric sofas in the colours and patterns described in our Greco-Roman article (Brown, Red, Green, Yellow/Gold ).
If you want to go for a Greco-Roman design style that is highly masculine go for grand looking leather sofa and leather pillows in earthy tones of green, red or brown.


Consider the following:

Antique swords, arrows, daggers, and bronze antique shields.
Lion sculptures.
Wicker baskets.
Iron/Bronze candlesticks.
Stone and Terracotta pots.
Greco- Roman design style pottery.
Terracotta and stone vases filled with twigs.
Terracotta or stone bowls filled with contextual exotic fruits (depending on season ): grapes, figs, pomegranates, plums, quinces, persimmons, and elderberries.

Our Colour and Style consultation service can help you achieve this look. Contact us today to organize it!