Greco-Roman Colour Design: Staunch Greco Industries Can Help You Achieve This Look!

Greco-Roman Colour Design: Staunch Greco Industries Can Help You Achieve This Look

Greco-Roman Colour Design is one of  Staunch Greco Industries favourite color schemes. We have been delighted to speak to clients looking for a Melbourne painter and decorator to bring about a Greco-Roman colour design in their homes or places of business.

It was interesting to note that they all wanted a Greco-Roman colour design but they were unsure about what colours to go with. It was great to hear clients talk about what came to their mind when we asked them what they thought of when thinking about Greco-Roman colour design. Images of the following were conjured in the minds of clients:

Gold plated armoury
Bronze and copper
Gods and Goddesses
Ancient Royalty and Nobility
Mosaic tiles

The great thing about Greco-Roman colour design is you can go for a casual look or a more elaborate look depending on your colour schemes, furnishings and style of house/property. For this style, bathrooms, living spaces, dining rooms and kitchens should be a key focus for Greco-Roman design.


Natural Earthy Tones pays tribute to the earth and appreciation of the earth. The Greco-Roman era could be seen as one of the forerunners of the green eco -friendly movement. Such respect and care for the earth. Browns, reds and Greens are prime.
Some suggested colours below to consider:

greco-roman colour design Greco-roman colour design Greco-roman colour design

Bricktone Red                                  Nomad Brown                         Seafoam Green




Cool hues of white and blues are reminiscent of the Greco-Roman era. Consider the following hues

Greco-roman colour design Greco-roman colour design

Greek villa white                       Cool blue


Yellows/Golds epitomize Greco-Roman colour design. It might be too much for an entire wall or ceiling but these hues are absolutely brilliant as accent features and really make a striking statement. They will bring about a regal opulence. Consider the following:

Greco-roman colour design Greco-roman Colour design

Roman Ornament Yellow                                                          Tapestry Gold

Textured wallpaper can also be a great option. You could look at any of the hues we have discussed but in wallpaper format.
You could also go wallpaper in the form of olive leaves, Greco /Roman lion statues and columns, imagery of swords, arrows, daggers and antique bronze shields if you really wanted to go over the top.

For further information or help with color advice check out our colour consultation page and contact us !