Greco-Roman Design and Discipline: Inspiration for Melbourne Painters and Decorators

Greco-Roman Design and Discipline: Inspiration for Melbourne Painters and Decorators

Greco-Roman design and architecture is synonymous with so many positive ideals, which is why the word Greco became part of our business name and ethos.

Greco-Roman design made its staunch mark in the era of classic civilisation and antiquity initially via Ancient Greece which then flowed on into the Ancient Roman era. The most famous Greco-Roman design would be epitomized in the Temple, which utilized column design. Doric, Ionic and Corinthian were the three major column designs in Ancient Greece.

Greco-Roman design left an eternal influence on architecture and design. The architects and designers of that era were experts on the following:

Use of concrete.
Use of marble and limestone.
Combining colour and style.
The Architectural design of the vault, the arch and the dome.

Therefore, we chose the word “Greco” as part of our business name and identity in order to inspire thoughts of Greco-Roman design and era. Why?

Because when we think of the Greco-Roman design and era, a key thought that comes to  mind is impeccable quality of workmanship. This era was renowned for its dedication to craftmanship in architecture and design

Craftmanship is something that has been lost to a significant degree these days. Too many people and businesses are cutting corners these days to save a few dollars. Hence, an erosion of that old-fashioned care factor and pride. Inevitably, craftsmanship and integrity is severely compromised.

Staunch Greco Industries sees its mission as a business to pay homage to the Greco-Roman design standards of ethics and workmanship. Hiring us as your Melbourne painters and decorators will give you a vibe of all of these wonderful characteristics and will shine through in the work we do for you. Contact Us today for your free staunch no obligation quote!