Australian Made Week: Staunch Greco Industries Celebrates Local Products and Communities

Australian Made Week: Staunch Greco Industries Celebrates Local Products and Communities

Australian Made week falls between the 6th-12th June. It is a special week to highlight and acknowledge the importance of purchasing Australian made products and supporting local businesses. Staunch Greco Industries is a big believer in this and gives the week its full support. We will be highlighting Australian made products on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, supporting and highlighting Australian made should not be restricted to one week. Absolutely not. This is one of Staunch Greco Industries business goals: to highlight and support as much Australian made products as possible. We do this via the paints we recommend and the materials/equipment that we purchase for our work.

Look out for that Australian made green and gold kangaroo when you are making purchasing decisions.

We found the statistics since last year’s Australian made week to be very interesting:

89% of Australians believe there should be more so of a local return to manufacturing
99% of Australians recognize what the Australian made logo means
93% of Australians prefer to buy products made in Australia
70% of Australians are prioritizing Australian made products since June 2021

The last statistic is wonderful to see. We believe that the covid-19 pandemic had a great deal to do with this.

In many ways the covid-19 pandemic, made many Australians how lucky and privileged we are to be Australians. Australia faces very little hardship relative to the rest of the world, but we found ourselves in a major health predicament along with the rest of the world. We were not prepared and didn’t know how to emotionally and socially react to this kind of thing.

To put a positive spin on a bad situation, there were some good things to come out of it collectively speaking. One of these things was a shift in Australian collective thinking. For many decades our Australian cultural collective mindset has been zoned in on a global perspective. An inevitable effect of globalization. Facing the covid-19 pandemic and various lengthy lockdowns, so many industries and businesses suffered. Therefore, the collective mindset pivoted to a more micro or localised perspective.

This was most pleasing to see, because people started to think more so about how they can support local businesses, local products and produce, local communities, and ultimately, the nation state.
It often comes down to the simple things that make a difference. Let’s look at a few examples:

Making a conscious effort to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables as often as possible. We have a great and healthy agricultural industry.

Purchasing locally caught fish. We have an amazing local fishing industry. Why purchase fish imports when you can have such amazing locally caught fish with stellar quality control?

Instead of purchasing clothing mass manufactured overseas, zone in on the local designers who are designing and manufacturing clothing ranges in Australia.

A return to local manufacturing/onshore business facilities is certainly a beautiful ideal, though overall not practical or realistic. It’s impossible to completely turn back the clock on it.  However, it is possible to pivot to a degree. A great example of returning business facilities onshore was the Commonwealth Bank. There was a high level of varying complaints about their offshoring call centres. Therefore they decided to return the centres to Australia, utilizing Australian workers and they used it in a very successful marketing and PR campaign.

So its certainly a a case by case basis, and practicality needs to be considered. However the ever growing interest and movement towards supporting local and operating with a more so localized mind set is a step in the right direction.

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