Astec Paints: An Australian Made Champion!

Astec Paints: An Australian Made Champion!

In honour of Australian Made week (6th June-12th June ) we are highlighting a select group of Australian made paint manufactures. Our previous blog post covered the importance of why supporting Australian made products, produce and local communities. Check it out by clicking here.

Astec paints was founded in Australia in 1978 and continues to be 100% owned and operated. Their products are 100% tested, developed and manufactured in Australia. Local sourced raw materials are used in an ethically responsible manufacturing facility.

Its amazing and wonderful to note that 50% of Astec products are sold to South Korea, China and Japan. Its always great to see an Australian made product doing so well in foreign markets, but also wonderful because this ensures that the manufacturing jobs stay in Australia and it’s a contribution to our manufacturing industry overall.

Besides the Australian made and owned label, Astec carries some other wonderful certifications including:

CodeMark Certified- CodeMark is a third party independent certification which examines and credits Astec’s promise that Heat Reflective Coatings will perform as promised.

Good Environmental Choice Certification- This organization certifies the lifespan of a product from an environmental context.

Two of our favourite Astec Products are:

WeatherPlus is a brilliant product for exterior residential and commercial projects. It performs well in various climate conditions. It wont peal or crack for its lifespan. It features an exclusive patented Dirtguard Technology. This ensures a high level of fade resistance and hard-wearing durability.

Astec paints

The product also features colour pigments that help to preserve the colour of paint chosen, as well as being fade resistant and UV resistant.

Energy Star is a sustainable product for walls and roofs for new builds or refurbishment/restoration.

Astec paints

Its heat reflective coatings reflect 50% of the sun’s heat via a process of infrared reflection. No matter what colour you choose, the produce reduces absorbed heat within a building.

Using Energy Star results in reduced C02 emissions, cooler spaces and savings in energy costs.

To discuss using Astec Paints on your next residential or commercial project please contact us on 1300 782 862 or via our contact us form on our website.