Ecolour Paints: Breathe Easy With Zero VOC Australian Made Products

Ecolour Paints: Breathe Easy with Zero VOC Australian Made Products

In honour of Australian Made week (6th June-12th June ) we are highlighting a select group of Australian made paint manufactures. Our previous blog post covered the importance of why supporting Australian made products, produce and local communities. Check it out by clicking here.

Ecolour paints is a 100% Australian made & owned company which showcases products that are the result of over two decades of research & development.

Ecolour places great importance on health and environmental sustainability.

Ecolour paints can match just about any colour, from any paint chart. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, we will organize for Ecolour to match it.

Ecolour paints has achieved official recognition from The Green Building Council of Australia as a paint manufacturer whose products have provide excellent indoor air quality.

Ecolour paints uses breakthrough technology to make premium water-based paint that is 100% free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This is both better for the health of people and the well being of the environment.

Ecolour’s products are suitable for interior and exterior painting, safe for children, pets, pregnant women, asthma sufferers and those sensitive to chemicals.

Staunch Greco Industries particularly enjoys working with the following products for clients who want zero voc products :

Eco Living Interior Wall Paint: An interior acrylic paint suitable for both ceilings and walls that is available in low sheen or satin finish that provides great coverage.

ecolour paints

Wet Area Satin: An anti-mould product in a satin finish that is suitable for wet areas in residential and commercial project: Bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms,  change rooms, commercial kitchens, food prep rooms and back spaces in delicatessens.

ecolour paints

To discuss using Ecolour Paints on your next residential or commercial project please contact us on 1300 782 862 or via our contact form on our website.