White Paint Colours: Staunch Greco Industries Continues the Exploration

White Paint Colours: Staunch Greco Industries Continues the Exploration

On our previous blog we began exploring white paint colours, how they can make you feel , and how they can be used.  Click here to read part 1 of this exploration. Today we continue with our exploration of white paint colours by featuring an additional five white hues that we love!

Whisper White:
This shade of white provides a striking undertone of grey which provides a level of warmth and a gentle ambiance. Both soothing and comforting, it works very well in interior spaces where people spend a great deal of time, be it a commercial office or workspace or the living rooms and bedrooms in a home.
white paint colours white paint colours

Swiss Coffee:
This shade of white has a slight undertone of yellow and a tiny undertone of green running through it. Its strikingly warm without being overtly creamy. Hence, its ability to work brilliantly with a range of different contrasts including charcoal greys and navy blues. Swiss Coffee looks terrific in kitchens with contrasting accent wall and cabinetry features.

white paint colours

Simply White:
Literally has its name running right through it, Simply White is a simple hue that has gained enormous popularity for its simplicity. It’s a combination of fresh, crisp and bright with a hint of warmness. Ideal of interior and exterior use.
white paint colours       white paint colours

Cloud White:
A hue with distinct creamy undertones, it can often appear like  a very faint yellow at times. It works well in both rooms with high levels of light or rooms that have some shadow to it. Rooms with lots of natural light receive a warming ambiance with cloud white. It works beautifully with wooden finishes and furnishings, brass, kitchen counter tops and all types of cabinetry.
white paint colours white paint colours

Timid White:
This off white hue has a light grey undertone and yellow running through it. It exists as in between shade, not quite white and not quite beige. It permeates a delicate yet warm vibe to rooms, making it ideal of living areas, bedrooms and commercial work spaces. It’s also ideal for kitchens, as it provides a homely feeling. It also works well in rooms that don’t get much warm natural light.
white paint colours white paint colours

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