Staunch Greco Industries prides itself on bringing a vast range of services to the Melbourne market. Our eco-friendly and sustainable  services extending to the residential and commercial market: Interior and exterior painting, roof painting, spray painting, decking restoration and colour and style consultation.

We are also wallpaper installers in Melbourne! That’s right! Wallpaper is a divisive service segment but it certainly has a large following and its worth examining the benefits that come with it. Regardless of its divisive nature, which can be based on old fashioned stigma, The Staunch Greco team love being wallpaper installers in Melbourne!

Often the criticisms of wallpaper are grounded in decades old wallpaper technology including average quality, lackluster and tacky designs and bad for the environment. Wallpaper technology has advanced and improved in leaps and bounds since those old world days and is certainly worth considering. Interest in wallpaper tends to be cyclical but its pleasing to see that there is a significant resurgence in wallpapering. Obviously, DIY television shows like The Block have contributed to this resurgence of interest.

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Some benefits of Wallpaper to consider for your next residential or commercial project:

  • A vast range of visual effects that can only be provided by wallpaper. In addition, it comes in an abundance of colour, style, and themes.
  • Installing wallpaper doesn’t require a perfectly even surface. It’s able to go over and hide imperfections of the wall’s surface.
  • It is a clean and mess free installation.
  • Eco-friendly wallpaper is an actual thing! Certain wallpaper manufacturers produce 0 VOC wallpaper, using raw, recycled and local materials!
  • It is a durable product. It can last well over fifteen years provided its installed properly.
  • It’s easily washed or cleaned via a wiping process with cloth or sponge. Simple detergent solution is all that’s required. It makes it extra appealing in homes with children or pets. Therefore, making it ideal for high traffic areas.
  • It can create a beautiful ambiance for a room by bringing about a warmth, depth, substance, and character. It can also bring a richness to the room by contrasting with your other furnishings.

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