Purple Paint: Choosing the Right Purple For Your Residential or Commercial Project

Purple Paint: Choosing the Right Purple For Your Residential or Commercial Project

Staunch Greco Industries will run a series of blog posts covering a range of different colours, how those colours can make you feel and how they can be used effectively in a space. We run a staunch colour and style consultation service. Please click here in order to organize this service for your residential or commercial project.

Purple paint is certainly neither a popular or mainstream colour when it comes to painting most residential and commercial spaces. However, this is not to say that it should be ignored or taken off the table. It can definitely work. It’s all about how you use it and what atmosphere you want to create in your space. People are often scared of purple simply because its not the common path chosen and are unsure how to use it. But never fear! Staunch Greco Industries is here!

We will cover purple paints over the next month, selecting a wide variety of purple hues to show you.

To start off our journey of purple paint exploration please keep the following in mind:

  • Purple paint stands out as a colour that can bring high levels of elegance to a commercial or residential space. However, it is versatile. It can give off vibes of refinement or simplicity. Purple can be incredibly dramatic and moody or bright and cheerful depending on shade.


  • Hues of Purple tend to pair well with green, orange, yellow, grey, brown, black and white.


  • Shades of purple in a residential and commercial space are able to provide positive effects on the mind and body by creating an uplifting energy. In addition, purple can encourage creativity and imagination. It can also contribute to adding calmness to a space.


  • Purple can be very effective without using it for an entire room. It still has the ability to be striking and ambient in small doses. For example, a deep royal purple looks amazing and stylish when used as a the minority colour to break up the majority white or beige hues in a space.


  • Purple can work well as a neutral hue if you select a light shade, such as a light or delicate lavender. This neutral shades pairs up very well with furnishings such as sofas, arm chairs, porcelain ceramics and general antiques.
    purple paint purple paint
  • Purple can serve as a statement colour if you are looking to go against a conventional and conservative look in your home or place of business. If you want to go for a funky 60s retro look or a bold avante garde look a shade like Crocus Petal Purple or Mystical Grape.
    purple paint
  • Purple radiates regal ambiance. Shades such as Dark Purple, Plum and Orchid are reflective of Royal Houses and King and Queens who resided in them. From ancient Royal Kingdoms to the contemporary Royal Houses of Europe, you could also have a touch of royal vibe with the right shade and furnishings.

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