Welcome to Part 8 of Staunch Greco Industries exploring the different types of historical homes in Melbourne. We offer an overall summary of the physical characteristics of each house along with some recommended paint colours.

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Staunch Greco Industries is proud to be a Melbourne born business. We might be accused of being biased but Melbourne is our favourite city in Australia for a variety of reasons. One significant reason is the historical architecture. It is simply striking and beautiful. We appreciate that old world craftsmanship.

In Melbourne you see a great variety of historical homes and we certainly do love painting and decorating them!

Therefore, it makes sense for us to do an exploration series of the different types of historical homes in Melbourne on our website blog, our Facebook and our Instagram.

Painting Post-War Houses in Melbourne :Summary

From 1945 to 1965 Melbourne saw the construction of the Post-War house. After World War 2 housing abandoned the austerity that came before it and leapt into a mode of prosperity. Both home ownership and house sizes grew in abundance.

Post-War houses are often characterized by a triple-fronted brick veneer, they are spacious and comfortable and designed for family living. They are usually single story houses with living rooms that interconnect. The advent of mass produced window panes, saw a great increase in the use of glass for windows.

They are single story houses that reflect a regression from the more decadent and ornamental houses that came before it. Perhaps a reflection of an economic downturn period where it was seen as necessary to be more conservative.


Chimneys remain a common feature in Melbourne housing at this point. Triple brick veneer takes the place of double brick construction. You will see carports or garages for parked cars appear for the first time. You will also see double garages, often with painted doors.
Decorative features are at an all time low. The Post-War house features a more so mass produced look of brick or stone featured walls, wrought iron porch posts and railings and wire mesh doors.

The gardens feature low fences with spacious gardens. Gardens are ordered  with trees and shrub beds, with an emphasis on lawn.  Sculpted plants, and ceramic figures are common. Built in drive ways with wheel strips are a key feature.


Linoleum and rubber flooring in kitchens is very common. Carpeted living areas and bedrooms are also common. Kitchen design is expanded with provisions for the increasing use of kitchen appliances. Melamine bench tops are a common feature. The use of windows is frequent and has become a key feature of Post-War houses.
The use of cream, off white throughout interior space is common. Brightly painted feature walls are also common.

Painting Post-War Houses in Melbourne : Recommended Colours


painting post-war houses in melbourne


painting post-war houses in melbourne

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