Colour Inspiration: Be Stylish | Be Creative | Be Staunch |

Colour Inspiration: Be Stylish | Be Creative | Be Staunch |

Colour is an essential aspect of your home. For example, It has the ability to make rooms smaller or larger. Colour choices result in making rooms look lighter or darker. Therefore, one must find some colour inspiration! Colour inspiration is just the beginning of the journey! Staunch Greco Industries would love to help you find the right colour and style you are after

Colour is a signifier of style and atmosphere. It is also an extension of personality and character. This why it’s so important to consider the colours of the paint used in your residential space. After all, a house is not just a house. Its your home. Therefore, it should reflect you and the other people that live in it.

When it comes to commercial spaces, colour should never be dismissed as an insignificant component of the space. The choice of colour will shape how your commercial space appears regarding size and lighting. Colour brings a sense of style and ambiance to commercial buildings. They are indicative of the workplace culture that you intend to create and maintain. Your commercial space is not just a place of business. It’s the headquarters of your commercial operation. It is a reflection of your commercial brand and identity. Hence, it should represent the ethos and personality of business.

Take some time to do some initial research:
Consider the residential or commercial space that is to be painted. Take note of the size of the space. Take note of the amount of lighting that the entire space is subject to. These are crucial elements that assist you in making colour decisions.

Consider what kind of decorative style you want to achieve in your residential or commercial space. What is your preferred style?

A traditional style encompasses a wide range of options from baroq to British/French country to neoclassical. A traditional style exudes order, comfort and harmony. It is warm and welcoming and everything matches. The furnishings are elegant, with an emphasis on antiques
and textured rugs.

A modern style is a throwback to the past. Specifically styles from the 1920s to the 1970s that are heavily
influenced by Bauhaus and Scandinavian design style. Modern emphasizes an uncluttered look with primary hues and warm woods. Symmetry is a focal point, as balance equates to comfort. Natural materials and neutral/earthy colours are a signature component of this style.

colour inspiration

A contemporary style is all about the style of today and the future. Contemporary interior design tends to be fresh, simple and subtle with very obvious usage of clean line work and texture. Space is the prime showcase with contemporary style. Hence, shape and colour are vital to this style.

colour inspiration

Furthermore, look to the world around you for inspiration. Look at the colour schemes found in:
• Global natural elements
• Global cultures and nation states
• Fashion runways and trends
• Architecture and infrastructure
• Art and popular culture
We recommend that you keep some references of colours and styles that you like to pass onto us because we are here to help you achieve the colour inspiration and style that you are after.

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