Abbotsford Commercial Painting Project: Airbag Agency Office

Abbotsford Commercial Painting Project: Airbag Agency Office

Abbotsford commercial painting projects are always bound to be interesting. The suburb of Abbotsford and its neighbours (Collingwood and Fitzroy) have fascinating histories. Once upon a time these suburbs were very industrial and very working class. Now they are a fascinating hybrid of residential and commercial spaces.

Trendy, upper socio-economic, provincial, and bohemian. Diversity and variety are key words to describe this pocket of Melbourne. Hence, it’s always a pleasure working in this area, especially Abbotsford commercial painting projects. This is due to the plethora of both conservative and funky commercial spaces that continue to increase. We love seeing all the different interior styles, and paint colours that are so varied in Abbotsford commercial painting projects.

We were thrilled to be approached by Airbag to paint the three levels of their brand-new office space. Abbotsford commercial painting doesn’t get much better when working with such great clients! Airbag is an advertising/media agency specialising in a variety of campaigns. Their team comprises of a collection of creative technicians, film directors and visual effects artists.  Please click here to see their website.

Below are photos of the commercial space before the various trades began their work on the site. As you can see much work needed to be done when it came to painting.

staunch greco industries transforms commercial office painting staunch greco industries transforms commercial office painting melbourne

staunch greco industries transforms commercial office melbourne painting staircase restoration

Our brief was to paint general walls, toilets/bathrooms, sky light, doors, ceilings and to restore the staircase.

Our team worked diligently over several weeks in order to prepare the Airbag office for its staff to move in to a beautiful and fresh new space.

staunch greco industries commercial painting melbourne

staunch greco industries painting commercial staircase restoration


See below some of the amazing results!

Commercial Office Painting Abbotsford Staunch Greco Industries

The staircase restoration definitely is a major stand out. It involved a few steps:
-cleaning the staircase and removing any old adhesives.
– Sanding the staircase.
-Applying the chosen ebony wood stain finish.

commercial painting abbotsford staircase restoration staunch greco industries

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