Painting Bungalow Houses in Melbourne: Staunch Greco Industries Investigates

Painting Bungalow Houses in Melbourne: Staunch Greco Industries Investigates

Welcome to Part 6 of Staunch Greco Industries exploring the different types of historical homes in Melbourne. We offer an overall summary of the physical characteristics of each house along with some recommended paint colours.

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Staunch Greco Industries is proud to be a Melbourne born business. We might be accused of being biased but Melbourne is our favourite city in Australia for a variety of reasons. One significant reason is the historical architecture. It is simply striking and beautiful. We appreciate that old world craftsmanship.

In Melbourne you see a great variety of historical homes and we certainly do love painting and decorating them!

Therefore, it makes sense for us to do an exploration series of the different types of historical homes in Melbourne on our website blog, our Facebook and our Instagram.

Painting Bungalow Houses in Melbourne : Summary

Bungalow Houses had their period between 1910 and 1930. The Bungalow house is so distinctly Californian (USA). Though we did see some variants in Melbourne with British and Indian style touches.
The Bungalow always emulated a warm and welcoming vibe to it. Probably more so than any other style prior to it. There was something more so homely about them, certainly the first to have a rustic component to it. The Bungalow style is simple in its layout, with the hallway being central. Bungalows are generally well set back from the street.


The roofs of Bungalows are often gabled with chimneys on the outside wall. Walls come in red brick, roughcast, rendered, or weatherboard.

Verandas piers are either timber, brick or rendered. The windows are generally either casement or double hung. They come with panes in diamonds or small rectangles featuring patterned or Art Nouveau patterned stain glass.

The gardens feature hedges, smaller trees and shrubs. Rose beds are also common as, is a spacious green front lawn. The pathway to the front door is often serpentine.

Brick fences are occasionally found, though timber picket fences and crimped wire fences with looped tops are predominant.


The ceilings are usually undecorated, occasionally patterned in front rooms. They are generally divided into panels with plaster straps.
The walls are painted plaster with stained picture rails. You will occasionally find wallpaper.
Internal windows, timber doors and trims are sometimes stained in dark tones, often dark green or brown.


painting bungalow houses in melbourne


painting bungalow houses in melbourne

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